A wonderful stay-cation!


Hi all! Klayton and I had spring break at school a couple of weeks ago and we really wanted to go on a trip, unfortunately we did not plan far enough in advance so we were only able to do an overnight. Thankfully, we live in beautiful San Diego County so there are plenty of things to do on a quick stay-cation,  so we decided to spend the night in Coronado because we love it! We stayed at the beautiful Loew’s Resort which is a little farther down on Coronado closer to imperial beach but we had such a wonderful time.

IMG_8573We started the day off with lunch at the Coronado Brewing Company, we both have been before and their food is delicious (and of course their beers are too)! Klayton got a fun beer flight which gives you the ability to taste 5 different beers if you are indecisive like we are, or you can get classic draft beers as well. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend checking them out!


Once we checked in we decided to go spend some time in the pool and hot tub, unfortunately it was cloudy on the day we went but since we are already weather spoiled San Diegan’s we didn’t mind too much. We still very much enjoyed relaxing in the pool and hot tub. What’s nice about the Loew’s resort is that there are 3 different pools and 2 different hot tubs, one of each are strictly for adults which is nice if you just want to relax in the quiet.


After we finished our swim we decided to go into town for some coffee and to go to this neat candy store we had been to once before. We got coffee at this delicious coffee shop called Clayton’s and I was kicking myself once I got home for not snapping a photo. Then we went just up the street to the Coronado Candy Factory which is tiny, but so awesome. Klayton and I both love sour candy so that is what we had our eyes on but they have a variety of great things like homemade caramel apples, peanut butter cups, and all sorts of delicious treats!


After we returned to the resort, we stayed in for the rest of the night, they have pretty much anything you could need or think of there which is awesome. They had 4 or 5 ping pong tables by the pool and I think Klayton and I were surprised at how terrible we are, it was pretty bad, but we had a blast hitting the ball off of whatever surface it landed on so we had fun anyways!



There wasn’t too much of a sunset since it was so cloudy, but the sky never ceases to amaze me in some way and that night it was that awesome crack of light bursting through those dark grey clouds that really caught my attention.


There was this awesome area off the back side of the resort that was right on the bay with a view of the bridge and all of down town San Diego. They had these plush comfortable chairs as well as fire pits to sit around and Klayton and I just sat out there and looked at the city and chatted, it was so lovely and enjoyable.


Even though we were on a stay-cation we were both pretty tired still so we decided to do room service for dinner and just relax to watch some tv, that macaroni and cheese sure was delicious! We had a wonderful time on our over night trip and really wish it could have been for longer, but that is what next time is for!


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