A trip home!

DSC_0918Escaping to the peace and quiet of my hometown is one of my favorite things to do. The drive up from San Diego is very long and boring but once I arrive I instantly remember why the trip is worth it. I went with my good friend Brooke a few weeks ago so we could see our families and get away for a few days. We stayed at her parents house which was such a treat since i’ve known them since I was only 3 years old. Lots of photos below of our time home!

DSC_0766The view from Brooke’s parents backyard is absolutely breath taking, all you see are pine trees and oak trees for miles. I always forget how quiet home is until I get there and it is so wonderful to just hear the breeze and the birds chirping for a change.

DSC_0777This is Elvis, Brooke has had him for 16 years and despite being run over by a car a few years back he is just as handsome, healthy, and loving as ever. Such a sweetheart! DSC_0806We got the privilege of driving around Brooke’s moms convertible bug, it was so nice to have that warm summer breeze blowing through our hair. Oakhurst in the summer makes me extremely nostalgic for many different chapters of  my life because it has always been my favorite time of year.DSC_0813DSC_0816This awful drought we are in is making the mountains extremely prone to fires. We have already had over 3 this summer and it breaks my heart that everything is so dry and dead. DSC_0821DSC_0921For years Oakhurst has only had a few places to eat lunch, and a few summers back South Gate opened up and it is just wonderful. All the food is so delicious and it is so great to see a business in town doing so well! Oh, I also got to eat there with my wonderful grandparents which always makes everything better! DSC_0843Our first day there we were going to visit Brooke’s brother and his wife and their adorable twin daughters and we were asked to pick up some chicken feed from the feed store on the way there which is where I ran into this pretty lady! She was such a sweet cat and wanted nothing but attention and to be pet.

DSC_0875DSC_0889These beautiful twins! It is so fun for me to see my best friends brother being a dad and seeing how happy his daughters are! Honestly, two of the happiest and sweetest girls i’ve ever seen. Just look at those smiles! DSC_0914And an obligatory photo of their sweet kitty. Can you tell how much I love animals yet? They are just my favorite!


DSC_0825On our second day we spent the entire day at my aunt and uncles house swimming in the pool and enjoying the wonderful summer day. They have the greatest view from their house and the pool is so refreshing during these hot summer months! DSC_0937

DSC_0969My mom arrived early in the morning on my last day so we went to my grandparents house for dinner. For as long as I can remember my mom has cut my grandmas hair and she was definitely ready because she had the scissors and a towel out before we even got there ; ) such wonderful women!


We are a big board game family and most of my fondest memories come from sitting around the table with my family playing hours of games, talking, and laughing. I am so happy that we all still enjoy board games because I know I will never stop loving them or wanting to play them with my family! It was such a wonderful and special end to too short of a trip. I can’t wait to see you soon Oakhurst, I know it won’t be long.


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